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If you have turned on the television, read the news, or even just opened your curtains in the last few months, you will have noticed the effects of climate change and how it’s affecting luxury fashion brands.

Fast fashion may be one of the most significant contributors to climate change alongside other factors such as increased international travel, the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and increased food waste.

While the standards of production for fast fashion and luxury fashion are obviously different, it is still incumbent upon the industry as a whole to ensure that all clothing is produced in a responsible manner. As consumers become more conscientious about their impact on the environment, they are increasingly interested in acquiring goods that are manufactured in a socially responsible manner.

A large number of independent designers and labels have been doing this for years, but recently, a few high-end labels have started to change their manufacturing and retail strategies. Here are some of the most sustainable luxury fashion brands right now if you are a fashionista with a penchant for high end fashion and sustainability.

Maggie Marilyn

Maggie Marilyn pioneered the fashion industry with the introduction of its first sustainability commitment strategy in 2018; since then, many other companies have followed suit. They have thus far convinced one hundred percent of their suppliers to demonstrate responsible water management, chemical management, and adherence to animal welfare standards.

Maggie Marilyn has planned for 2022 to be the year in which they will have sent zero garments to landfills. That’s why they’re working to expand their take-back programme, which allows customers to donate gently-used items of clothing for recycling into new products.

In addition, as part of their climate change strategy, they intend to offset even more carbon than they emit. Maggie Marilyn has additionally promised to transition into a packaging company that uses only recycled materials. All of their packaging is fully compostable, but they want to give customers the option to use reusable materials if they so choose.

Maggie Marilyn is the go-to brand if you’re searching for high-end apparel that’s ethically made from start to finish.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a company that has prioritised environmental responsibility from the beginning. The company has never used fur, skin, or leather in any of its products, and that policy dates back to the company’s 2001 inception. The company began using only organic cotton in 2008, and PVC-free products hit shelves in 2010. As of 2014, all packaging materials, including cardboard and paper, had to carry a sustainability certification, and the use of plastic water bottles was outlawed the year before.

Stella McCarney remains committed to expanding its sustainable practises, such as the introduction of novel materials to replace or reduce the use of scarce natural resources and improve the company’s already impressive ethical standing.


When it comes to high-end clothing, Gucci is right up there with the biggest and best-known names in the business. This brand isn’t quite as eco-friendly as Maggie Marilyn, but it’s making strides in that direction thanks to a variety of initiatives.

The legendary Gucci Blade tee, for instance, is constructed entirely of cotton that was harvested in a sustainable manner. Gucci has pledged to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and to prevent the destruction of threatened forests in their supply chains.

If you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of sustainable fashion, Gucci is a good place to start because the company is actively working to become a more eco-friendly clothing producer.


Just three of the sustainable high-end fashion labels are listed here. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for ethical and environmentally responsible independent luxury fashion houses.

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